Teen Lit Con Bus Trip FAQ

What if I want to drive on my own or have someone else drive me to the cities?

Go for it! The Twin Cities Teen Lit Con is free and open to anyone. You only need to turn in the permission form and deposit if you want to ride the bus we’re providing.

I turned in my form. When will I know if I’m on the bus?

We’ll contact you as soon as possible if we find out we don’t have space for you on the bus. Please be sure that you’ve put accurate information on your registration form–that’s how we’ll contact you! If it turns out we don’t have space right away, we’ll also contact you again on April 23rd to let you know whether or not we’ve found space on the bus.

When do I get my $5 back?

We’ll give it back to you when you get on the bus on April 27th.

If you don’t show up for the bus or if you tell us you can’t go after April 22nd, your deposit will be donated to fund future teen library programming.

If it turns out there’s not space for you on the bus, you can pick up your $5 after April 27th wherever you turned in your form.

What if I find out I can’t go?

Let us know ASAP! We can give you your deposit back so long as you tell us by April 22nd. You’ll have to go wherever you turned in your form to pick up your deposit. If you find out you can’t go after April 22nd, please let us know anyway so someone can take your seat. Your $5 will help fund other teen library programming.

When does the bus leave?

The bus loads at 6 am and will leave promptly at 6:15 am from the Marshall-Lyon County Library parking lot. Remember, we can’t wait for you!

When will the bus get back?

We can’t say for sure, but we expect to be back in Marshall by 7:15 pm. Please be sure that you have a way to get home! The chaperones can legally only wait until 8 pm with you, and after that we might have to call the police to take you home.

What can I bring on the bus?

You can bring things to do on the bus, but don’t bring anything that’s not safe or appropriate to have at school. Remember, you are responsible for whatever you bring with you. Also, you’re not going to have much space to put your stuff. Think carefully before you pack! You’ll need to carry it with you, keep it on your lap or under your seat on the bus, and keep track of it all day.

What about food or drinks?

The bus company requests that all beverages be in a plastic, screw-top container. They also don’t want any sunflower seeds. That said, you should probably bring food for the day! There will be basic concessions that you can buy (cash only) at Teen Lit Con, but we might not be able to stop for food on the way there or the way back.

Why aren’t we taking a coach bus?

Coach buses are a lot more expensive than school buses, so taking a school bus means we can afford to do more throughout the year.