Teen Advisory Board

The Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is a group of local teens who make decisions about the Marshall Lyon County Library’s teen collection and events. Not interested in what the library has to offer for teens? Join us! We want your input to make the library fun and useful for you!

Teen Advisory Board Members

There are currently five TAB positions available. We’re accepting applications on a rolling basis. Please contact the Teen Services Librarian if you want to apply!

FAQs about the Marshall Lyon County Library Teen Advisory Board

Why does the Marshall Lyon County Library have a Teen Advisory Board?
Our teen services librarian feels that it’s important for teens to have decision-making power within the programs and services offered to them. We have an advisory board to better serve our teen patrons.

What are the duties of Teen Advisory Board members?
Teen Advisory Board members will be expected to attend at least 4 meetings and a minimum of one to two teen programs at the library per month. They will make decisions about programs, help run them, and spread the word about them to their peers and in their communities. Occasionally, they promote the library at events such as parades or festivals. They will also participate in the selection of materials and resources for the teen sections of the Marshall, Cottonwood, and Balaton libraries.

What is the time commitment required of Teen Advisory Board members?
Teen Advisory Board members will be expected to give at least four hours a month to their advisory board duties, which includes attending events for teens at the library. Board members who wish to have a greater level of involvement will be accommodated.

Does it cost anything to be on the Teen Advisory Board / are the Teen Advisory Board positions paid?
It is free for teens to serve on the Teen Advisory Board, and the board is made up completely of volunteers. However, teens may negotiate with teachers or club leaders to earn class credit, volunteer hours, etc. Teens can also use the experience when applying for jobs or college.

When does the Teen Advisory Board meet?
The Teen Advisory Board meets both physically within the library and digitally. In-person meetings occur every other month. The in-person meeting schedule for 2017-2018 is currently as follows:

Thursday, November 16th
Thursday, January 11th
Thursday, March 15th
Thursday, May 17th
Thursday, July 12th
Thursday, September 13th

Digital meetings are ongoing. Currently, digital meetings are held using the chat service Discord. Discord is free to use and requires minimal information to register. No download is required when using a web browser. Registrants must be aged 13+ and have parental permission. The library maintains a private chat server. Discussion is moderated by the Teen Services Librarian, and participants must be invited by the Teen Services Librarian. Topics will be posted to Discord and discussed at in-person meetings.

We encourage TAB members to participate in both digital and in-person meetings. However, they do not need to attend both. TAB members under the age of 13 may not participate in digital meetings. We do ask that, if a teen participates in only digital or only in-person meetings, they do not miss more than 2 months of meetings.

How long is a Teen Advisory Board term?
We expect teen advisory board members to commit at least one semester to serving on the board. However, board members are welcome to serve until they turn 19 (for example, a member who joins the board when they are 16 may serve for three years). Board members can leave at any time; to be fair, they should formally resign by email, letter, or a conversation with the teen services librarian and current board members.

What if a teen has to miss an advisory board meeting/teen event?
We understand that teens have busy schedules and will occasionally have to miss meetings or events due to other commitments. Teens who miss more than two meetings a year should reconsider whether a position on the Teen Advisory Board fits with their other commitments.

What if a teen is unable to drive him/herself to events and meetings?
We understand that many parents have work commitments that may make driving teens to meetings and events difficult. Please share concerns about transportation with the teen services librarian so that we can arrange a carpool or another solution.

Will all teens who apply get a spot on the board?
Space on the board is limited to 10 members. The teen services librarian may ask follow-up questions or request an interview during the application process. We will notify teens when a decision has been made about their application.