2018 Teen Summer Challenge Rules

Rock Your Summer

The Teen Summer Challenge runs from June 4th to August 31st.
It’s open to anyone from ages 13 to 19.  Here’s how it works:

Get started:

  1. Starting on June 5th, sign up for the Teen Summer Challenge at the main circulation desk.
  2. Pick up a Rock Your Summer challenge sheet or two.
  3. Complete 10 activities listed on the challenge sheet. (You can–and should!–repeat activities. For instance, reading 10 books to fill a sheet is fine.)
  4. Show off your first sheet in at the main desk for a small prize!
  5. Put your completed challenge sheet in the box for the prize basket you’d like to win and pick up another sheet.


  • Each completed challenge sheet counts as one entry into the prize drawings. You can also sometimes get entry sheets at teen library events during the summer.
  • You can try to win any of the three prize baskets rotating between the three libraries. Each basket will be displayed for a month, but you can put your entry in for any of them at any time. You can check out photos and contents lists for the prizes here.
  • There may be a few other special prizes … Get in lots of entries to have more chances to win!

Other Stuff

  • Think you’re going to need more than one challenge sheet before you can get to the library again? You can grab more than one! Challenge sheets are only available at the library, though.


Teen Lock-In

The annual Teen Lock-In will be held Friday, July 13th into Saturday, July 14th. Space is limited and permission forms are required. More information and forms will be available in mid-June.