Compare Summer Reading Programs 2020

Eligible for more than one summer reading program and not sure which to choose? Let’s compare.

All ages can log reading and activities through Beanstack. Rubber Ducky Club can be logged on paper.

Except for the Rubber Ducky  Club, all ages log days of reading to earn points toward prizes and tickets toward grand prizes. One day of reading = 1 point. We recommend 20 minutes of reading per day.

All except for Rubber Ducky Club can earn eligibility into monthly prize drawings.

Rubber Ducky Club (ages 0-4)

  • Adult-driven, early literacy focus. Complete activities together.
  • Best for babies and toddlers.
  • Prizes: rubber ducky (13 activities) and a board book (26 activities).

Kids Summer Reading Challenge (ages 3-12)

  • Activities for families & independent kids. For developing and independent readers.
  • Prizes: up to 3 books (1 book each month) for earning 25 points during a month.
  • Monthly drawing (25 points during month): book + small plush toy.
  • Six grand prize drawings (tickets at 25 points each month).

Teen Summer Challenge (ages 11-19)

  • Focused on independent activities and reading.
  • Prizes: 1 book for earning 25 points total.
  • Monthly drawing (25 points during month): signed YA novel or digital gift card.
  • Three grand prize drawings (tickets at 25 point intervals).

Adult Summer Reading Program (ages 18+)

  • For independent readers or parents reading with children.
  • Monthly drawing at 20 days of reading per month.
  • Three grand prize drawings (tickets at 25 point intervals).