Test Proctoring

Proctoring for both paper and online tests is available at our Marshall location. The library charges a $5 fee per test proctored.

When scheduling your test, please consider:

  • Your test will need to be completed within the Marshall library’s open hours. Please allow about 1/2 hour in addition to your exam timeframe for setting up and finishing.
  • If there is dangerous weather, we may close early, open late, or be closed all day. These closing will be posted here on our website, our Facebook Page, and on Marshall Radio’s Postponements and Cancellations.

To prepare for your exam, we will need to know:

  • Is the test paper or online?
  • If online, are you allowed to use your personal computer?
  • If you need to use one of our computers, do you need special programs installed or any specific equipment like speakers, microphone, etc? This may require a few days to set up.
  • Basics such as: time allowed, passwords for test access, if notes/textbooks/calculators/etc. are allowed.
  • Does the professor require a form filled out and submitted in advance by the proctor?
  • Is there anything that needs to be sent to the professor when the exam is done?
    • If a printed document must be sent, please bring a stamped envelope.

Please contact Paula via email (paula.nemes@marshalllyonlibrary.org) or phone (507-537-6186) for more information and to schedule your test.