Take-Home Button-Making

Want to make your own buttons/pins/badges?   Pick up an envelope at the Marshall Library to get started. These instructions will be included, along with an orange circle template that shows what size to make your button circles. This project will make 1 1/4″ buttons: perfect for decorating a bag, a jacket, or a hat.

A circle cut from an illustrated page is beside two completed pin-back buttons.

If you return your button designs by Wednesday, July 29th, we’ll have your buttons ready to pick up at the start of August.

An orange circle is set on top of an illustrated page.Design your own pin!

The orange circle is your guide. The outside shows you what size to cut the image for your button. The inside shows you what will be visible on the front of your button!


  1. Find or draw an image you like. Trace around the outside of the orange circle.
  2. Carefully cut out the circle, just inside the line you drew. It’s better to have it a little too small than too big.
  3. Put up to 5 button images in the envelope and bring it back to the library. We’ll turn them into buttons for you to pick up later!

Hints:A circle has been cut from a page.

If the image is black & white, why not color it with colored pencils/markers/etc?

The paper needs to be thin. Cardstock and photo paper is too thick to make buttons safely. Printer paper and pages from books/magazines/newspapers work great!

Hang on to these instructions and your orange circle to make more buttons next month!