Using Hoopla

Contains ebooks, audiobooks, video, & music.

Hoopla is a huge digital library that contains ebooks, comics, audiobooks, movies, television shows, and music. The collection is not curated by the library, and it may change unexpectedly.

Available to all of Lyon County.

Hoopla is available for Lyon County residents who have valid library cards from the Marshall, Cottonwood, Balaton, Minneota, or Tracy libraries. If you live in Lyon County but can't register using your library card number, please contact your library.

To sign up, you'll need your library card number, library pin/password, and an email address. Choose "Marshall-Lyon County Library" as your library. After signing up, you'll use your email and whatever password you chose to log into hoopla on the website or your device.

8 items per calendar month.

  • audiobooks, ebooks, & comics: 3 week checkout
  • music: 7 day checkout
  • video: 2-3 days (varies by title)
  • binge passes: 7 day checkout

Apps for iOS, Android, Amazon, & media streaming devices.

You can use hoopla on your computer or on most Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as newer Amazon Fire tablets. It can also be added to some media streaming devices like AppleTV or ChromeCast, as well as to Amazon Alexa devices like the Echo, Dot, Spot, and Show. It can be accessed through the hoopla website or hoopla app. You can only download items for offline use through the app; only streaming and online reading are available through the website. For up-to-date technical requirements for apps and streaming, please check out hoopla's help files.

Hoopla Website

Visit hoopla's website to browse their collection and read or stream checkouts online. If you want to download something to use offline, you'll need to download the app.


Need help? Explore hoopla's help files and tutorials through their website. There is also help available through the app. Tap the ? on the home screen to access it.

browse hoopla

Browse the hoopla collection without logging in. Be aware, a small number of the items listed might not be available once you're logged in.

hoopla app for iOS

Access the Apple App Store to download the hoopla app for Apple devices.

hoopla app for Android

Access the Google Play Store to download the hoopla app for Android devices.

hoopla app for Fire OS

Access the Amazon App Store to download the hoopla app for newer Amazon Fire tablets.