Library Apps FAQ

I have an iPad/iPhone/Android tablet/Android phone/Kindle Fire. Why doesn’t this app show up in my app store?

It’s possible that your device is too old. There have been a lot of changes and improvements in software and hardware since smartphones and tablets first started being sold, and new app developers have to focus on making their apps work right on devices with newer software and hardware. Unfortunately, it’s sort of like trying to get a DVD to play in a VCR; the VCR may still work great, but it isn’t built to play the kind of videos we can buy now.

I have a Kindle paperwhite/an ereader with a black & white screen. How do I get library books on it?

OverDrive is your best option! You can learn how to transfer or send books to your ereader by clicking on “ereader” or “kindle” in the device list here:

I downloaded the app, but it doesn’t work right.

Stop by the library, and we’ll try to sort it out! It might be that there’s something wrong with the app. In that case, you’ll need to contact the people who made the app and ask them to fix it.

What’s my username?

In some cases, your username is your library card number: all the numbers underneath the barcode on your card without any spaces. If you’ve already signed up for one of the apps, though, your username is probably either your email address or a username you created when you first started using the app. You can follow the “forgot my username” links in the app, and they’ll help you retrieve it.

I don’t remember my library PIN/password. What is it?

Stop by the library or give us a call. We can’t look it up, but we can help you reset it.

My PIN/password doesn’t work on this app!

Stop by the library or give us a call, and we can make sure that you’ve got the PIN/password right. But remember: unless this is the first time you’ve used this app, you’ve probably created a different username and password for it than you use for the library. If you’ve forgotten it, you can follow the “forgot my password” links, and the app will help you reset it.

You said we should download via wifi. How do I do that?

First, you’ll need to be somewhere that has a wireless internet connection (wifi) available. You might have wifi at home, but there are also places around the community that have free wifi available. You might have access to wifi at work. All our branches have wifi, and a lot of restaurants do, as well. Be cautious about connecting to wifi in a public place, though. Sometimes, other people connected to the same wifi can get access to your phone or device.

On most devices, you can connect to wifi pretty easily. You’ll just need to know the name of the network you want to connect to and any password it has. It’s a little different on every device, but here are a couple of tutorials:

How do I know if I’m connected to wifi?

If you’re using a device that has a data plan, you’re probably used to seeing a little triangle or a series of bars in a triangle shape up at the top of your screen. That’s your connection to a cell phone signal. There’s another icon that will appear if you’re connected to wifi. It looks sort of like an open fan or a stack of curved lines fanning upward. If there’s an exclamation point next to it or if it’s crossed out, there might be something wrong with your connection or your device might not be looking for wifi.

What are all these little icons at the top of my device’s screen? What do they mean?

Each device uses slightly different icons, but a lot are pretty standard. There’s a lot of overlap even between Android and Apple.

Apple has a guide to icons on iOS devices here:

Samsung has a guide to their Android device icons here: