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Aspen LiDA

Library Catalog & Account
Browse the catalog, manage your check-outs, and store your library card.
Search for "aspen lida" in your app store.


Reading Tracking & Challenges
Track your reading & sign up for MLCL reading challenges.
Search for "beanstack" in your app store.

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Wireless Printing
Send documents, pictures, or websites to print in Marshall.
Search for "printeron" in your app store.

Library Collection Apps

With digital library collections, you don't have to worry about overdue fines or losing items. Anything you check out will disappear from your device or stop working after your checkout period has ended. You can check them out again if you didn't have time to finish them.

You'll need your library card number and library pin/password to sign up or log in to use these apps. Some apps may only work with devices made in the past few years.

All of these services can also be used on a laptop or desktop computer through an internet browser.

Hoopla and Kanopy are available for Lyon County residents only. If you live in Lyon County but aren't able to sign up for Hoopla or Kanopy, please contact your library. Overdrive and CreativeBug are available to patrons who live in Plum Creek's service area. If you live outside of Plum Creek's service area, you can use digital services through your local library system. Everyone who lives in Minnesota has access to eBooksMN through MackinVIA and Biblioboard.

We recommend downloading these apps and any audiobooks, video, music, or ebooks with lots of pictures while you're connected to wifi. They can be big files, so they'll use a lot of mobile data and may take a while to download without a fast internet connection. Ebooks that are just text (like most novels) are small files and can be downloaded quickly. Not sure how to connect to wifi? Check out the FAQ.


All of Minnesota.
New home of Ebooks Minnesota.
Search for "MackinVIA" in your app store.


All of Minnesota.
Former home of multiple ebook collections, including Ebooks Minnesota & MN Writes MN Reads.
Search for "biblioboard" in your app store.

Libby by OverDrive

All of Plum Creek.
Contains ebooks and audiobooks.
Search for "overdrive" or "libby" in your app store.


All of Lyon County.
Contains ebooks, audiobooks, music, and videos.
Search for "hoopla" in your app store.


All of Lyon County.
Contains streaming video.
Search for "kanopy" in your app store.


All of Lyon County.
Contains arts & crafts tutorials
Search for "creativebug" in your app store.


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