2020 Reading Challenge List

We challenge you to read 25 books–plus one!–in 2020. Don’t forget to sign up at the MLCL GoodReads page and join our community of readers!

Either Fiction or Nonfiction

  • Setting is a place you have lived, visited or vacationed
  • Direction (northwest, south, forward…) or weather/season is in the title
  • A book that you have wanted to read but haven’t yet
  • You can read/listen to it in a weekend
  • Story takes place on or near water
  • A book set in Minnesota
  • A one word title
  • Published in the 21st century (2000-2020)
  • Story involves books, book stores, libraries, publishing and/or writing
  • Chosen based on the cover alone
  • BONUS for Lyon County’s 150th Birthday: a book published in the first 75 years


  • A favorite genre but a sub-genre you don’t normally read
  • Character has your job, the job you wanted as a child, or enjoys your hobby
  • The first book of a trilogy
  • Collection of short stories by a variety of authors
  • A book that takes place in two distinct time periods
  • A retelling or continuation of a classic (not by the original author)
  • Winner of a major genre award


  • Microhistory: history of an object or organization
  • Narrative Nonfiction: nonfiction that stylistically reads more like fiction
  • Self-Help book: however you want to define it!
  • American history book: any time period, event or person
  • World War I or II history book
  • A book about a subject you are passionate about
  • A book about a woman or women written by a woman or women
  • A book about food