2018 Reading Challenge List


  • Historical Fiction involving royalty / Ultimate Challenge: non-British royalty
  • Historical Fiction that takes place in North America between Colonial Times and the outbreak of the Civil War (1600s-1850s) / Ultimate Challenge: pre-1776 America
  • Any title written by a non-European, -Canadian or -American author
  • Any title with two (or more) different but equally strong genres
  • Fictionalized biography or memoir / Ultimate Challenge: see Nonfiction below
  • Any title from a “Best Fiction of the 20th Century” list / Ultimate Challenge: a title at least 100 years old
  • A collection of short stories / Ultimate Challenge: collection by a single author

Either Fiction or Nonfiction

  • A bestseller from the second half of the 20th Century (1950-1999) / Ultimate Challenge: a title from the first 20 years (1950-1975)
  • An author you have never read before but always wanted to
  • A title outside your reading comfort zone
  • A book based solely on the cover
  • Reread a favorite book from childhood (100+ pages) / Ultimate Challenge: over 300 pages


  • A title that satisfies your curiosity
  • A title on a subject that you are passionate about
  • One title from each area of the Dewey Decimal Classification [10 titles total]
  • A biography or memoir / Ultimate Challenge: Read both a fictionalized biography and factual biography about the same person