Kids Summer Reading

Oceans of Possibility

This year, the Summer Reading Program is for EVERYONE, ages 0-112+!

The Kids Summer Reading Program is for ages 3-12. The Rubber Ducky Club is available for ages 0-4, and ages 11 and 12 can choose between the Kids and the Teen programs. Parents, why not join the Adult Summer Reading Program?

Monthly prizes plus GRAND PRIZE DRAWINGS in September!
June 1 - Labor Day 

Register today on Beanstack!

Use the Beanstack mobile app or website to log activities, reviews, and days of reading to earn points. When you earn a prize, check in at the library! We'll also have monthly prize drawings for everyone who has actively participated. For kids, that means earning 25 points during the month. Each day of reading or completed activity = 1 point. Plus, earn tickets to put into the drawing of your choice for a grand prize!

The Marshall-Lyon County Library's annual summer reading program for children is designed with three goals in mind:

  • To nurture a love of reading
  • To captivate children in a variety of fun learning activities
  • To help students maintain and grow their learning and reading abilities during summer vacation


When you sign up, you get a tag! Stop by the library to pick it up.

When you earn 25 points during a calendar month, you get these:

  1. Monthly tag
  2. Free book!
  3. One ticket to put in a grand prize drawing
  4. Chance to win a monthly prize

You can earn up to 3 tickets for grand prizes.

Monthly prize drawings feature one of these books and a small plush!

You can put your tickets into one of these nine grand prize drawings!