Cottonwood Summer Reading Program 2017

Children are invited to join Balaton Community Library’s summer library program and attend the fun programs and events planned for children ages preschool to 4th grade. This summer’s theme, “Build a Better World,” explores all kind of topics from group games, art projects, science and engineering experiments, and more. The programs are free and open to children of all abilities.

Illustration: two children sit together reading a large book.Summer Reading Club

Children (preschool-4th grade) may pick up their BUILD Bingo sheet starting June 7th at the Cottonwood Community Library.

Color in the square when you complete a task. Each vertical, horizontal, or diagonal bingo earns you a small prize. A “blackout” earns you a free book. One bingo prize a week! The last day to turn in your bingo sheets is August 18th.

The idea is to read every day for at least 20 minutes. More is good to tweak those reading skills over the summer!

During the summer months:

  • Read to young children daily.
  • Read a chapter book to your school-age children by reading aloud one or two chapters every day.
  • Encourage your children to spend time reading and looking at books.
  • Talk with your children about what they are reading.
  • Ask your library about programs for children.

Events & ActivitiesIllustration: two children assemble a tower. A third child videotapes their progress.

Wednesdays, 10-11 am – Storytime & Crafts

June 7th – “Building Blocks”
June 14th – “Build a Better Me”
June 21st – “Build a Better World”
June 28th – “Building Blocks of Our Community”
June 28th – Keith West, Magician, and Miss Kitty the Library Lady at 1 pm
July 5th – “All Around the Town”
July 12th – “Home Sweet Home”
July 19th – “Clothes We Wear”
July 19th – Curtis Mork, The Lego Guy at 1 pm
July 26th – “Bright and Beautiful World”

Moved on to the Teen Summer Reading Program?

Visit the Teen SRP page here to view information about the Teen Summer Reading Program. Preteen Cottonwood residents are welcome to join the Teen program.