History Kits

Video and audio recording equipment is available to checkout from each library in Plum Creek.

Also available for checkout:

  • Backdrop with white and green screens
  • Tripod for video camera

Video History Kit


  • 4K Ultra HD videocamera
  • soft case for camera
  • camera remote
  • Camera hood
  • 128 GB SDXC card
  • Fill light attachment
  • Boom microphone attachment
  • BOYA lavaliere microphone
  • Drawstring bag for microphone
  • 3.5 mm to stereo audio adapter
  • handheld stabilizer bracket
  • micro USB cable
  • 2 - NP-40 lithium-ion batteries
  • USB-powered battery charger
  • USB port charging brick
Photograph of the contents of a video history kit: hard case; video recorder with soft case and remote; stereo microphone attachment; fill light attachment; video recorder hood; video recorder stabilizer attachment; micro USB charging cable; 2 rechargeable batteries; USB wall charger; SD card; lavaliere microphone with bag; 3.5 to stereo audio plug adapter.

Audio History Kit

Audio History Kit

  • Zoom H1n audio recorder with sleeve
  • micro SD card with SD card adapter
  • hard case
  • microphone wind shield
  • small tripod grip
  • lavaliere microphone
  • 3.5 mm extension audio cable
  • 3.5 mm microphone stereo to 3.5 stereo adapter cable
  • zipper case for microphone


Contents of an audio history kit: hard case; ZOOM H1n audio recorder with sleeve; microphone wind shield; small tripod grip; micro SD card with SD adapter; laveliere microphone with extension cable, adapter cable, and soft case.

Best practices:

  • Whenever possible, record in a quiet space with minimal background noise. If you're in a house with forced air heating/cooling, consider turning off the heat or AC during the recording session.
  • Avoid touching the camera or recorder while recording. Wait a few seconds after everyone has finished speaking before stopping a recording. Touching the recorder will make a noise on the recording.
  • Do a test to check levels. On the audio recorder, you can play back recordings and listen to them with headphones/earbuds using the green LINE OUT port. Make sure all speakers can be heard in the recording.
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This project was funded with money from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.