COVID-19 Information

While COVID-19 is circulating, masks are strongly recommended for all visitors to the library, regardless of vaccination status.

Please do not visit the library if you feel ill, have tested positive, or are awaiting the results of a test. Contact us so we can help to you in another way, including delivery of materials.

As more transmissible variants circulate, the CDC recommends that all individuals aged 2 and up wear masks that cover the mouth and nose when in public to slow the spread of this disease, regardless of vaccination status. Click here for the latest CDC recommendations. Masks mandates and requirements differ by building and municipality.

All Minnesotans are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated and boosted when able. Vaccines protect you and can help protect those around you by minimizing viral spread. They reduce your risk of both contracting COVID-19 and being hospitalized with COVID-19. No vaccine is 100% effective at preventing disease, but the more vaccinated individuals in a community, the fewer opportunities a virus has to take hold. Vaccines are distributed through hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and at special vaccination events. Vaccines are now available and free for ages 5 and up. Free boosters are now available for ages 12 and up.

Coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19, is a novel, or newly-discovered, coronavirus that was identified in humans in 2019. There are a lot of coronaviruses, and they cause about a third of the cases of what we call the common cold. Coronaviruses often cause upper respiratory tract illnesses, and they're found in humans and animals.

COVID-19 produces symptoms similar to other, more common illnesses, many of which are in our community. Symptoms are sometimes mild or moderate but can also be life-threatening, especially for older people and those with compromised immune systems. Long-term effects for survivors are still being monitored and may occur regardless of the original severity of the infection. Because this is a new virus in humans, we're still learning about it. The situation and our understanding of it is changing constantly. Variants of COVID-19 have also emerged, which can complicate the situation.

MN Vaccine Locator

Search for hospitals and pharmacies that offer vaccines in your area.

Find A Test in MN

Learn about getting tested for COVID-19, including locations, who should get tested, and what you should do after.

Resources from Avera

Resources from Avera, our local hospital system, including access for testing and vaccines.

Southwest Health & Human Services

Southwest Health & Human Services provides health resources to SWMN and coordinates local vaccination events.

Marshall Public Schools

Information from Marshall Public Schools, including case counts and current strategies.

SMSU's FAQ and Resources

Information from Southwest Minnesota State University for students and faculty.

Minnesota Department of Health

Minnesota-specific information from the Minnesota Department of Health

State of Minnesota

The State of Minnesota's response page, featuring updates and information.

Mayo Clinic Resources

Information from Minnesota's own Mayo Clinic concerning COVID-19.

John Hopkins University & Medicine

Global public health information from John Hopkins' infections disease experts.

Information from the CDC

The CDC's resource and update page for COVID-19.


Frequently asked questions about COVID-19, answered by the US CDC.