Strategic Plan

Marshall-Lyon County Library

Strategic Plan, 2017-2019


The Marshall-Lyon County Library is the community’s gathering place, encouraging reading, learning and exploring of ideas.


Lyon County citizens and communities see MLCL as an indispensable resource to help them succeed in a constantly changing world, regardless of their paths or goals.


The Marshall-Lyon County Library values:

  • Stewardship: We appreciate the support and trust that the citizens of Lyon County have in their Library and as such, we endeavor to manage fiscal and all other resources transparently.
  • Customers: Without those who use us, we would not exist; as such, we strive to provide the best service to customers as possible.
  • Learning: Given the rapid change to our work and personal environments, we facilitate learning, whether for academic achievement, acquisition of new workplace knowledge and skills or personal interest and curiosity.
  • Reading and Literacy: At the heart of the Library is the Collection, with reading as not only a form of entertainment but also a tool to learn and explore; as such, we recognize basic literacy as critical to each person’s success and a building block to becoming literate in a number of areas such as personal finance, consumer health and technology.
  • Community: We value being part of the fabric of the community and enjoy the basic community tenant found in the concept of a Public Library ~ sharing, cooperating and welcoming.


Strategic Goals and Objectives

Overall Goal for the Plan:  Facilitate understanding, building and deploying knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to succeed in the 21st century.

Strategic Goal 1:  Newcomers are welcomed to the community and have local information and connections into our communities.


Strategic Goal 2:  Families are engaged and supported through materials and activities that build skills, knowledge and learning capacity.


Strategic Goal 3:  Readers (listeners, watchers and writers too), whether for learning or pleasure, are inspired to explore, discover and discuss what they encounter.


Strategic Goal 4:  Those who are curious about honing and using their creativity and skills in non-traditional employment tracks are immersed in possibilities that help formulate decisions and create individualized paths and definitions of economic success.


Strategic Goal 5:  The Library Board and Staff continue to develop knowledge, skills and behaviors that build capacity and competencies while working toward a stably-funded organization that is responsive, flexible and capable in creating services that support individuals, families, groups and communities in their pursuit of their own goals and successes.


Ongoing strategic support objectives pursued through the Plan:

  • Identify and exploit opportunities that support multiple strategic objectives and actions.
  • Develop relationships, collaborations and knowledge that embeds the Library deeper into the fabric of the community.
  • Continue to strengthen the ties and cooperative efforts between all libraries throughout Lyon County.