School Year Library Use

Whenever visiting the library, please drive carefully and slowly through our parking lot. Parked cars and building site lines can make it difficult to see pedestrians and bikers, especially in our book drop drive-through area. Because of the library’s proximity to the Marshall Middle School, traffic congestion increases immediately after school lets out. Please use extra caution during this time.

Many students like to visit the Marshall library after school and therefore activity levels rise.  Study rooms and public computers are in higher demand. If you need a quieter environment or more space for your work, you may wish to plan your visit for before school lets out or in the evening.

Students in the library or on library grounds are held to the same standards as other library patrons. You can read our Customer Code of Conduct policy here. If you are concerned about any behaviors inside the library or on the library grounds, please notify library staff.

Additional info for students:

Additional info for parents:

  • Responsible students ages 8 and up are welcome at the library after school. Younger students must be accompanied by a responsible person aged 12 or older. See our Unattended/Vulnerable Person policy here. Your child will need to adhere to the same Customer Code of Conduct as other library visitors.
  • If you need to pick up your child immediately after school, please pick them up directly from their school building. Our building and grounds are not designed for the intense traffic that happens after school, and that can create dangerous situations for students and other library visitors.
  • When you pick up your child, please drive carefully and slowly through our parking lot. Parked cars and buildings can make it difficult to see pedestrians and bikers.
  • If your child plans to ride a bike to the library, please remind them to lock their bike up when they arrive.
  • Your child can eat a light snack at the library, provided that they thoroughly clean up after themselves. Beverages must be in containers with a lid that seals.
  • Long distance calls cannot be made through library phones. If you do not have a local Marshall phone number, please make plans to pick up your child ahead of time. They may not be able to contact you from the library.
  • Children cannot use a library computer without their own library card. Wifi internet is available to anyone.
  • The Marshall library is on the Community Transit Red Route. The last bus with service to all Red Route stops leaves at 5:53 pm. Community Transit Dial-a-Ride service operates until 9 pm. More information about Community Transit is available here.