Computer Use Guidelines

Originally adopted January 2017. Current version adopted April 2021. Next review, April 2024.

The Marshall Lyon County Library provides public computers for customers interested in accessing the Internet.  The Library’s Internet Usage Policy and Customer Conduct Policy govern this Policy. As such, violations of those Policies may constitute a violation of these Guidelines and could result in the loss of computer privileges, as well as a temporary or permanent ban from using the computers. To be fully informed, please refer to those Policies.
The following Guidelines regulate the use of Library-owned computers:

  1. All computer users must abide by the Library’s Internet Usage Policy.
  2. The Library uses computer reservation software to manage the computers. In order to log onto a computer, a user must have a valid Plum Creek Library card and have less than $100 in fines or fees on the card.
  3. Visitors to the area may request a Guest Pass at staff desk to log onto the computer. Guest Passes are not meant for area residents who are eligible to sign up for a Plum Creek Library card. At the discretion of staff, however, a Guest Pass may be given to an area resident to use but only until a Library card application can be completed.
  4. Computers are available on a first-come-first serve basis. A reservation may be made up to 48 hours in advance.
  5. Customers are allowed 2 hours per day on a computer. An additional hour may be granted at the discretion of the staff, depending on current usage and whether there is a reservation pending.
  6. Staff may request only a limited number of people around a given workstation in order to manage the noise and space around the computers.
  7. Customers may print from these computers at a cost of $.20 per black and white page and $.50 per color page. The Library uses print management software and customers who are unfamiliar with the process may want to ask staff for help the first time.
  8. Customers are not allowed to download software, apps or browser plug-ins to any Library-owned computers. Customers may request that the Library consider adding one of these to the public computers.
  9. Customers may save their work to a portable storage device or a cloud service; no documents can be saved to the computer.
  10. The Library does not provide headphones for public use. Instead, staff encourages customers to use their own headphones. Customers may still play videos, music or software that has sound on the Library-owned computers, but only at a very low setting. The Library reserves the right to ask any customer to turn off any sound if it is disturbing others using the Library.
  11. Library computers shut down 10 minutes prior to closing.

Staff Assistance: The staff cannot provide in-depth computer training outside any classes offered or sponsored by the Library. Likewise, staff cannot fill out forms or type up any document for customers. Staff can attempt to answer basic computer questions, help users locate resources on the Internet, provide information on where to get appropriate training and find materials and other useful reference sources.