After School Library Guidelines

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here!
The library is a space used by a lot of different people. Because of this, we have to enforce some rules. These apply to all patrons, regardless of age. Also, if you’re under age 8, you need to have an older, responsible person with you in the library. You can read more about how you need to behave in the library in our Customer Code of Conduct policy.

  • “Inside voices” only.
    (Socializing is important, but others are also studying.)
  • Physical activity stays outside on the lawn.
    (This includes running, tossing things, wrestling, etc.)
  • Clean up after yourself.
    (Leave the space in the same or better condition than it was when you came.)
  • Use furniture only for its original purpose.
    (Tables aren’t chairs, chairs aren’t footstools, etc.)
  • Keep walkways clear.
    (This keeps other patrons and the Fire Marshal happy.)
  • Kind & respectful words = ☺
    Inappropriate language = ☹
    (If you shouldn’t say it in a grade school, don’t say it here.)

Please respect this space and those around you! It should go without saying that damaging property or hurting others is unacceptable.
If you can’t follow these guidelines, you will be asked to leave. If we have to remind you repeatedly, you may be banned.
(People of all ages are expected to follow library rules. Yes, adults have also broken them, and yes, adults have also been banned before.)

Food and snacks:

  • You can eat snacks in most parts of the library. Nothing smelly or so messy you can’t clean it up with just your hands. You need to be able to clean up completely when you’re done!
    • Police your peers! If we find food messes later, we’ll have to ban food for everyone at certain times of the day.
  • You can have drinks, but they need to have a lid that closes. No open cans or bottles without caps. Always put the lid on if you’re not actively drinking!
    • Please let us know about spills asap! We know they can happen even if you’re being careful. Don’t stress about it! If we clean them up right away, they cause less damage.
  • NO food or drinks by any library computer or in the Minnesota Room.

Computers, study rooms, and internet access:

  • Computers and study rooms are first come, first served. You need a library card or a photo id to check out a study room.
  • You need a library card to use the computers. We can’t give guest passes to anyone under 18. You need to bring a parent/legal guardian to the library or a library booth (like the one at middle school conferences) to sign up for a library card. Learn more about getting a card here.
  • You can still use the computers with up to $99.99 in fines on your card! You need to have less than $5 in fines to check out books/movies/etc, though.
  • The wifi is free to everyone! The password is on signs around the library. (You can even access it from the parking lot on days when we’re closed.)

Getting picked up & calling for rides:

  • If you need to be picked up right after school, you need to get picked up at your school. It’s not safe for the library to be a pick-up location right after school.
  • Stay on the sidewalks and in the bike lanes when walking/biking from school! It can be dangerous to cut across the parking lot and car lanes.
  • You need to wait all the way inside the library for your ride. We can’t block the entryway; it creates a fire hazard and messes up our door count.
  • There is a phone by the bathrooms in the Marshall library that can be used to call local numbers. We can’t call long distance numbers.
    • Local numbers include phone numbers that start with these area codes/prefixes:
      507-337-XXXX, 507-401-XXXX, 507-476-XXXX, 507-530-XXXX, 507-531-XXXX, 507-532-XXXX, 507-537-XXXX, 507-591-XXXX, 507-655-XXXX, 507-706-XXXX, 507-828-XXXX, 507-829-XXXX, 507-929-XXXX.
      If your ride’s number doesn’t start with one of these numbers, you’ll need to use a friend’s cell phone to call, or you’ll need to plan ahead to get picked up.
  • The Marshall library closes at 7:30 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. We close at 5:30 pm on Fridays and 5 pm on Saturdays. Plan accordingly!

Things to do:

  • There are monthly events and special activities in the afternoons all year long. Check the events calendar for info!
  • We have board and card games that you can check out anytime to use inside the library. Look under the adult graphic novels in the Marshall library. Check them out at the front desk.
  • A jigsaw puzzle is always set up on a table in the adult department. You can help solve it, too!
  • The courtyard is open in the fall and late spring. You can sit outside or play with our giant chess board.
    • The gates in the courtyard are emergency exits only! Please enter and exit the library through the main doors.
  • You need a library card to check out books, but you can always read them in the library without a card!
  • Is there an after school group activity you think the library should do? Email the Teen Services Librarian and let us know! We also have a suggestion box in the Teen department. (Anyone who wants to suggest activities for adults should email our Public Services Manager.)

School-Year information for parents and other library-goers can be found here.