405. Customer Credit Card

Originally adopted June 2020. Next review, May 2023.

The purpose of this policy is to establish the circumstances in which the Marshall-Lyon County Public Library will accept credit or debit cards for the convenience of customers and to expedite payment for fines, fees, charges and donations.

Section 1. General Guidelines

Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit and debit cards may be used to pay for most Library charges on a customer’s account. A minimum total charge of $5.00 is required to use a credit/debit card. The Library does not charge a fee per transaction. Customers may use a credit/debit card in person or via telephone at the Marshall Library.

Section 2. Prohibited Activities and Refunds

Library staff may refuse to accept a credit or debit card or cancel a transaction at any time. The Library cannot charge a card for more than is due on an account. In the event that a credit or debit card is unable to be processed, the customer is still responsible for all charges with payment limited to cash or cashier’s check. Personal checks are not accepted for most charges.
Only fines and fees on materials checked out at a Lyon County Library (Balaton, Cottonwood, Marshall, Minneota, Tracy) may be paid with a credit/debit card. Cash will be sent to Tracy and Minneota for fines accrued at those libraries once payment is accepted.

If a refund is necessary after paying a fee, the refund amount will be charged back to the account that was used in the initial transaction. Customers must present the credit/debit card used in person in order to process the refund. All refunds will follow the refund policy found in the Library Materials Lending Policy (Section 7).

Section 3. Allowed Charges

The following charges are allowed to be paid by credit/debit card, as long as the total amount charged is at least $5.00:

  • Overdue fines
  • Lost or damaged fines and fees
  • Replacement card
  • Non-resident / Out-of-state library card fees
  • Meeting Room fees
  • Proctored test fees
  • Computer printing
  • Friends’ Bookstore, donations and membership (personal checks are also allowed)
  • Library donations (personal checks are also allowed)

Section 4. Privacy and Disclaimer

The Library respects the privacy of its customers. As such, the Library does not store the credit/debit card information of individual customers and only shares information with an authorized credit card vendor or financial institution in order to complete a transaction.

The Library is subject to compliance of all laws, statues, terms and conditions with accepting credit cards. By using a credit/debit card, the customer accepts and assumes all risks and responsibilities inherent in such a transaction.