402. Library Card

Originally adopted 2011. Current version adopted April 2021. Next review, April 2024.

The purpose of this policy is to establish who may receive a Marshall-Lyon County library card, the privileges associated with the card and the conditions under which borrowing privileges may be suspended. A valid library card allows holders to access an array of Library services, including borrowing materials, placing holds, accessing Plum Creek libraries’ materials, requesting Inter Library Loan (ILL) materials, using the Library’s public access computers and using a study room.

As a member of the Plum Creek Library System, the Library follows all policies set forth by their Governing Board, including the Patron Registration and Library Card Renewals Policies.

For information regarding the borrowing materials, please see the Library’s Lending Policy.

Section 1. Eligible borrowers

Residents of all ages within the Library’s current service area (as well as those who own property within the service area but live outside of it) are eligible for a Marshall-Lyon County library card with proper identification and proof of residence, as set out by the Plum Creek Library policies. Staff may process a library card and, under a temporary status, allow up to two items to be checked out one time until proof of residence is produced. Students from Southwest Minnesota State University may use their student identification card in lieu of receiving a physical card from the Library. The Director or Library Board may extend or limit access to those living outside the Library’s current service area for special or digital collections purchased outside any Plum Creek or other consortial agreements.

Likewise, residents and landowners whose libraries are participating members of the Plum Creek Library system are eligible for a card. Other Minnesota residents with a validcard from their home library that participates in the Minnesota Reciprocal Borrowing Compact may also get a card at no cost.

Residents outside the above allowances may get a non-resident library card for an annual fee, as established by Plum Creek Library policies. Further, Plum Creek allows temporary residents, businesses, institutions and organizations to obtain library cards. Please see the Library’s Card and Borrowing procedures and guidelines for further information relating to the special types of cards available and how to obtain one.

Section 2. Requirements to issue cards

As set forth by Plum Creek or Library Board policies, these requirements must be followed when issuing a library card:

  • Applicants must apply for a card in person and fill out the Plum Creek Library System registration card and sign it in front of a staff member. All required fields must be completed and the proper identification shown for the card to be issued. Identification includes both:
    • A government-issued photo identification card, such as a driver’s license, state ID card, tribal ID card, passport or immigrant ID card.
    • Something with the applicant’s current address on it, such as a lease, bill, check or banking statement.
    • However, if the ID has the applicant’s current address on it, it will suffice for both the ID and proof of residence.
  • Library cards may be issued to children of any age (including infants) under the sole discretion of the child’s custodial parent or legal guardian. Likewise, said parent may also cancel the card of any child.
  • For children under the age of 18, both the child and a custodial parent or legal guardian must be present, with the parent/guardian signing the application and the child signing the card (unless the child is too young to do so, then the parent may sign for the child).
  • A custodial parent or legal guardian who has suspended borrowing privileges may not apply for a card for his/her child.
  • Should a customer lose his/her current card, the Library may charge for a replacement card, as determined by the Director.

Section 3. Renewals

In order to keep the borrower database clean and customer information up-to-date, library cards expire every three years, requiring borrowers to renew their cards. They may verbally confirm that all pertinent information remains the same. However, if a borrower has any changes to name or address, they are required to fill out a new registration form.

Section 4. Suspended borrowing privileges

Per Plum Creek Library policies, borrowers may not check out more materials if:

  • They have $5 or more in fines and/or fees.
  • The have five (5) or more items overdue for a week or longer.

Additionally, the Director may suspend the privileges of any borrower if an ongoing pattern of mishandling or damages to materials can be established.