306. Public Posting and Distribution of Free Materials

Originally adopted April 2002. Current version adopted October 2016. Last review, September 2022. Next review, September 2025.

Section 1. Purpose

The purpose of the community bulletin board and other available space for the distribution of free community materials is to promote and provide access to government, agency and/or community organizations’ information. Such materials are limited to those of a civic, cultural, educational or recreational nature. Materials from for-profit groups, political organizations or those of a personal nature will not be accepted.

Section 2. Limitations

Space for postings and/or distribution of free materials is limited and postings will be prioritized in the following order:

  • Events produced or sponsored by the Marshall-Lyon County Library, other Lyon County Libraries or other Plum Creek Libraries (which will have its own designated space)
  • Events or information produced or sponsored by the City of Marshall or Lyon County
  • Events or information produced or sponsored by other local non-profit organizations, with those within or closer to Lyon County given a higher priority

Posting or distribution is contingent on available space. In order to share as much information as possible, posters are limited to no larger than 11” x 17” and those that are 8.5” x 11” or smaller will be given a higher priority over larger posters at times of numerous posting requests. Likewise, events and information posted on the community bulletin board are limited to 30 days and materials distribution is limited to 60-90 days, depending on space and timeliness of the information being distributed. If there is a large number of requests for posting or distribution, the time allotted in the space may be less than listed above. Posters or materials outside the designated bulletin board or space is not allowed without the approval of the Director.

All posters and materials must be shown to staff for approval prior to posting or distribution. Any materials posted or distributed without staff approval will be pulled. Staff will note date of initial posting in order to track pulling date. After the event date or allotted time has passed, staff will pull posters and materials for recycling. The Library is unable to return pulled posters or materials to an organization.

Examples of information that will not be accepted for posting or distribution are:

  • Advertisements selling or renting goods, services or property
  • Job postings
  • Religious tracts
  • Petitions
  • Political literature and events
  • Solicitation of funds, goods, services or property regardless of nonprofit status

Section 3. Disclaimers

Distribution or posting of information does not imply Library endorsement of the content and the Library cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information and statements made in such materials.

The Library is unable to guarantee space or a designated amount of time the materials are made available even for those materials that are allowable by this policy.

The Library does not guarantee permanent space to any poster or materials unless required by law. Further, the Library cannot assure the continued supply of free materials. It is the responsibility of an organization to monitor the supply of free materials and supply additional copies when a supply is running low, provided space can still be allocated to that publication.

The Library does not provide storage space for an organization’s materials except in rare circumstances, as approved by the Director.