301. Customer Service Philosophy

Originally adopted October 2016. Last review, September 2022. Next review, September 2025.

Section 1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to describe the ideal way in which staff and customers interact with each other, the Library’s services and its spaces.

Section 2. Philosophy

The way Library staff provides services to the customers of the Marshall-Lyon County Library is critical to the Library’s success. From the development and deployment of services to the design of physical and virtual spaces, staff focuses on creating terrific experiences for each and every customer. Without the constant attention to customers’ needs and wants, as well as the evolution of services and programs as a response to those needs and wants, the Library would be unable to fulfill its current mission or reach its vision.

Section 3. Actions and Values

  1. Through ongoing evaluation and improvement, the Library strives to create a welcoming atmosphere while providing each customer with an exceptional experience.
  2. Library staff treats every customer with equal courtesy and promptness, as well as every request with equal respect.
  3. The customer is always at the center of each interaction, with staff making every attempt to fully understand the need or want at the heart of the request.
  4. Since Library policies and procedures exist to provide services equitably, staff will be well-versed in them in order to clearly explain when one must be referenced or deployed. Staff will deploy all policies and procedures equitably across all segments of the public, while also being flexible and recognizing the uniqueness of situations.
  5. A customer’s requests, information sought and personal data shared during an interaction will always be held in confidence and only shared in a professional capacity.
  6. A customer’s age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, educational background, sexual orientation, physical or mental limitations or any other criteria will never interfere with the high quality service and interaction the staff constantly strives to provide.
  7. The Library values suggestions and feedback on not only services but also on ways to improve customer interactions and experiences.