202. Business Credit Card

Originally adopted August 2010. Current version adopted May 2016. Last review, April 2022. Next review, April 2025.

Section 1.  Bank-Issued Credit Card

The purpose of a bank-issued credit card policy of the Marshall-Lyon County Library is to facilitate purchases for the Library where using a credit card is the most practical way to make the purchase.

Section 1A. Line of Credit and Custodial Responsibilities

The card has an authorized maximum spending limit of $8,000. An increase in that spending limit may be entertained by the Director and only increased after approval from the Board. A credit card will only be issued to the Library Director. The Director is the designated custodian of the credit card and is responsible for compliance with this policy, including notifying the issuing institution if the card is lost, stolen or unauthorized purchases are made.

Any benefits derived from the use of the credit card will be the property of the Library. The Director must immediately surrender the credit card upon leaving the employ of the Library.

Section 1B. Designated Use By Employees and Authorized Purchases

All purchases must have prior authorization from the Director and are costs incurred while doing Library business such as conference and travel expenses, special orders pertaining to the collection from small publishers or vendors or one-time purchases such as computer software. The Director may require documentation detailing the expenses to be charged and/or a written explanation for the request.

The Administrative Manager also maintains a second card and will maintain records of each authorized use of the credit card and what authorized purchase is for. Each employee who has authorization must provide printed receipts upon completing the transaction or immediately upon returning to the Library, if travel is involved.

Use of the credit card for personal purchases of any kind is strictly prohibited. Violations of this policy may result in revocation of use privileges, disciplinary action and/or termination of employment and the user will be required to reimburse the Library for any improperly charged items as well as any associated costs.

Section 1C. Sales Tax Exemption and Payments

The Library generally does not pay sales tax on purchases so the employee must notify the vendor or merchant that the credit card transaction should be tax exempt. The Administrative Manager will have the proper information on file and the employee is to share that information with the vendor if they need it.

The balance due will be paid in full each month on or before it is due. The Marshall-Lyon County Library accepts full responsibility for the debt incurred on the credit card.

Section 2. Business Charge Accounts

In order to facilitate local purchases, the Library also has a number of charge accounts with local businesses. All policies and procedures for credit card usage as listed above apply to local charge accounts, including:

  • The Director must approve all new charge accounts.
  • Only staff members with prior approval from the Director and designated to use a particular account will be allowed to charge or be issued a card (if the business issues them).
  • The Administrative Manager is responsible for maintaining a record of all authorized purchases and staff are required to turn in printed receipts immediately following any transaction.
  • If a staff member loses a business-issued card, he/she will immediately report it to the Director.
  • Any unauthorized or personal charges will be the responsibility of the staff member who made the charges and the Library may take disciplinary action, including dismissal from employment, should these type charges be made.

Printable PDF: 202. Business Credit Policy