111. Parking Lot

Originally adopted November 2018. Next review, October 2021.

Section 1. Purpose

Because there are limited parking spaces at the Marshall Library, the Board has adopted the following policy to regulate the lot’s usage. The Board reserves the right to regulate how the parking lot and grounds are used.

Section 2. General Regulations

The Marshall Library parking lot is for the exclusive use of those customers who are doing library business. Anyone parked in the lot who is not using the Library may be asked to move the vehicle.

No vehicle may be parked in the lot overnight without the permission of the Director or designee.

No trailers, campers, buses or vehicles larger than an SUV or pickup truck may park in the lot at any time.

All vehicles must be parked in a designated spot. There is no parking or stopping allowed in the lanes or in front of the garage area.

Section 3. Overflow Parking

If the lot is full, parking is available in front of the Library on C Street or alongside the Library on Progress Drive.

Section 4. Penalties

Any vehicle not in compliance with this policy will be towed. Library staff may try to find owners who are not in compliance to issue a warning, but they are not required to do so. Owners are responsible for any bill or damage incurred due to towing.

The Library Director or designee makes all enforcement and penalty decisions.

Signage in the lot informs customers of the policy and penalty for non-compliance.