106. Community & Public Relations

Originally adopted April 2016. Last review, March 2022. Next review, March 2025.

The purpose of the public relations policy is to guide the efforts of the Board and the Library to keep the community, governing officials, civic leaders and others informed of the Library’s mission, services, programs and resources, as well as foster a positive public image in order to maximize effective use and support.

Section 1. Advocacy

The Library Director, under the direction of the Board, shall take the lead in and set the priorities for engaging in advocacy activities that promote the importance and role of the Library within the Marshall and Lyon County communities, the Plum Creek community and the state and national library communities. These activities require Board members and Library staff to participate in local, county and state civic and other community organizations, as well as government and library professional ones.

Section 2. Public Relations

To ensure that the public receives consistent and accurate information regarding Library policies, procedures, operations, services, programs and resources, the following objectives shall guide the Board and Director in building relationships and sharing information:

  • Promote community awareness and understanding of the Library and its roles and activities;
  • Stimulate interest in and facilitate use of the Library and its facilities;
  • Encourage participation in Library planning opportunities;
  • Build awareness of and participation in the Library’s support group, the Friends of the Marshall Lyon County Library;
  • Inform and share Library successes locally, statewide and nationally.

Section 3. Marketing and Outreach Speaking Engagements

The Library will utilize a number of media outlets and activities in order to accomplish advocacy and public relation goals. The following are the guidelines the Library Director and staff will use to determine these activities and goals:

  • The Library Director or designee will coordinate and approve all written and/or printed copy that is shared with the public or media. This includes, but is not limited to, news releases, brochures, fliers, posters, bookmarks and other promotional materials.
  • Local media will be engaged regularly in order to keep the public informed of the Library’s activities and resources. All such contacts will be coordinated and approved by the Director.
  • Library promotional and informational materials will be designed to meet standards of quality and copyright law, as established by the Director.
  • Any requests for staff speaking engagements will be coordinated and approved by the Director.
  • The Director and staff will engage the public in a variety of ways to glean information and feedback as it relates to current, ongoing and potential Services, Programs and resources, as well as the public’s ability to know about, engage, use and participate in the Library’s offerings.
  • In an emergency situation, the Library Director is responsible for all official statements to the media and public. In the absence of Director, the designee in charge of the Library will be responsible for such statements. The Library Director or designee will inform and engage the Board President and/or other members before such statements are made, as time allows.