103. Public Comment at Library Board Meeting

Originally adopted April 2015. Current version adopted April 2016. Last review, March 2022. Next review, 2025.

In accordance with the Minnesota Open Meeting Law, regular and special meetings of the Marshall-Lyon County Library Board are open to anyone who may wish to observe the proceedings. It is the policy of the Library Board to invite audience participation during the public comment portion of the agenda or during special meetings called for the purpose of a public forum.

In order to provide an equal opportunity to those who wish to address the Board, the following procedures shall be followed:

  • The public comment portion of the agenda will be allotted no more than 15 minutes at any Board meeting. Each person wishing to speak may do so for no more than 3 minutes, unless otherwise specifically allowed by the Board President.
  • A sign-in sheet will be available for audience members to let the Board know they wish to participate in the public comment period of the agenda. The sign-in sheet shall request name and the community where the speaker lives but this is not required in order to address the Board.
  • The President is the designated spokesperson for the Board. All comments will be addressed to the President and the Board as a whole, not to individual Board members. As the spokesperson, the President will call names from the sign-in sheet in the order they are listed. The President may direct questions to or elicit responses from other Board members or the Library Director. The Board and the speaker shall not engage in a dialogue during the public comment period.
  • If a group of people would like to address the Board, the members will identify a spokesperson who will be the only person allowed to speak during their public comment time.
  • When all listed speakers have been heard, the President of the Board shall declare the public comment period closed and resume with the agenda.