The Marshall-Lyon County Library follows policies in the following categories as set by the Library Board of Trustees and adheres to additional policies set by the Plum Creek Library System.

100. Administrative

101.  By-Laws Marshall-Lyon County Library Board

102.  Board Code of Conduct

103.  Public Comment at Library Board Meeting

104.  ALA Library Bill of Rights

105.  Record Retention

106.  Community & Public Relations

107.  No Smoking

110.  Inclement Weather/Emergency Closing

111.  Parking Lot Policies


200. Staff

202.  Business Credit Card


300. Library Services

301.  Customer Service Philosophy

302.  Internet Use Policy

Computer Use Guidelines

305.  Library Programs

306.  Public Posting and Distribution of Free Materials


400. Using the Library

402.  Library Card

403.  Library Materials Lending

404.  Meeting Room Policy

Meeting and Study Room Guidelines

Meeting Room Application

405.  Customer Credit Card

409.  Customer Code of Conduct

410.  Unattended/Vulnerable Person


500. Library Collection

501.  Collection Management

502.  Freedom to Read

Last updated November 2022.