New Catalog Look & Library Apps! Library account: Aspen LiDA: store your card, browse the catalog, manage check-outs; Wireless printing: PrinterOn: Upload documents to print in Marshall from anywhere.

New Catalog Look & Library Apps

If you've visited the Marshall Library to use a computer or checked out our online catalog recently, you may have noticed a few changes.

New Catalog Look & Library App

The online catalog has received a makeover! Plum Creek's new Aspen Discovery Layer makes it easy for you to see everything the library has to offer all at once. Looking for Where the Crawdads Sing? The catalog will now tell you every copy the library has all in one place: a book, a large print book, an audio cd, an ebook on OverDrive, or an audiobook on OverDrive. You'll also see any listings for Playaways, digital copies on Hoopla, films on Kanopy, tutorials on CreativeBug, interactive content on Scholastic Databases, and more!

Check it out!

Explore the new catalog look.

Aspen LiDA app logo

Accompanying the new catalog look is a new library app: Aspen LiDA, which lets you log into your library account from your phone or tablet. From LiDA, you can browse the Marshall catalog; manage your check-outs from the library, OverDrive, and Hoopla; and even store your library card to scan right off your phone.

Aspen LiDA for Android

Install Aspen LiDA for your Android device.

Aspen LiDA for Apple

Install the Aspen LiDA app for your Apple device.

New Printing Software & App

We also have new software powering our computer use and printing at the Marshall Library. Our new computer system looks different, but works essentially the same: you still need your library card and PIN/password to use our public computers. Our wireless printing, though, has been upgraded! You can now send documents to our printer from anywhere.

There are now three ways to print wirelessly:

PrinterOn app logo

A PrinterOn app lets you upload documents, pictures, or webpages to a printer. You can choose number of copies and whether you want to print in portrait or landscape orientation. Search for our printer or find other library printers across the country while traveling.

PrinterOn for Android

Install the PrinterOn Print Service app to print documents from your Android device.

PrinterOn for Apple

Install the PrinterOn app to print documents from your Apple phone device.