Year-Long reading challenge: join our group on goodreads!

2022 MLCL Reading Challenge

Well, 2021 did not turn out to be the banner year we all hoped it would be!  One of the silver linings for me, however, is that I continued to have plenty of time to read (and plenty to ignore so I could read instead).  I did appreciate the “kinder, gentler” reading challenge we put together for 2021, where we maximized the flexibility allowing every prompt to be fulfilled by either a nonfiction or fiction title.  But, if you are like me, I read mainly in my comfort zone this year and rarely wandered outside it.  So, we are back to our more “traditional” prompts for 2022, some of which should push us outside those comfort zones a bit more.

It’s hard to believe this will be the 5th year of the Marshall Lyon County Library Reading Challenge.  With four past challenges under our belts, the challenge has become finding the right mix of prompts without too many previous prompts repeated.  But some are worth repeating, like choosing a title from your to-be-read list (TBR), since that list seems to only grow!

So, please join us for the Library’s 2022 challenge! Signing up is simple…just visit the Library’s GoodReads page ( and respond to the discussion post about this challenge that you would like to participate (a GoodReads account is required but it is free to sign up).  To find out more about the challenge and to get a list of this year’s 25 prompts, visit this page.

Looking for other bookish challenges if this one is not enough?  Here are a few others to check out:

For the past two years, I have also been reading Newbery Award Winners, given by the American Library Association for the most distinguished contribution in American children’s literature, first awarded in 1922.  With its 100th anniversary in 2022, I plan to read as many of these titles as I can ~ and I’ve added a prompt to honor the anniversary!

Regardless of how you spend your reading life in 2022, I hope you enjoy it.  And if you choose to tackle a reading challenge, I hope you will join us in the Library’s 2022 Reading Challenge!