A New Way To Hydrate!

If you’ve stopped at the Marshall Library recently, you may have paused your winter reading planning in order to grab a drink of water… and found one of the newest additions to the building!

photograph of removed drinking fountain and partially-installed bottle-filling stationBehold — our new water bottle filling station! We’ve replaced the old drinking fountain in the building entryway with this new station, which you can use to fill any water bottle that you bring with you into the building. This easy-to-use station even has a digital reader to keep you informed of how many plastic bottles, in theory, have avoided recycling or landfills by the use of reusable water bottles instead.

Back on October 14, 2021, the Marshall-Lyon County Library applied for a grant from the Marshall Community Foundation (part of the Southwest Initiative Foundation) with the hope of replacing the drinking fountains in the entryway with the new bottle filling stations. Our goal is a better experience for our patrons — bottle-filling stations are more hygienic, more eco-friendly, and they’re recommended by the CDC, too!

photograph of removed drinking fountain and partially-installed bottle-filling station


On November 4, 2021, we received notice of $2000 for the project, allowing us to move forward. And on the morning of Monday, November 29, our new bottle-filling station was installed, thanks to the work of Bisbee Plumbing & Heating.

photograph of Bisbee engineer installing a bottle-filling station


In the future, we hope to add one to our children’s department too, in addition to a child-friendly drinking fountain to accompany it. But meanwhile, we encourage our patrons to bring a water bottle with when you visit the library — our new filling stations are easy to use and ready to keep you hydrated whether you’re here to work or browse!

photograph of the top of a bottle-filling station with 'bottles saved' counter displaying '4'