RBDigital merging with OverDrive. Migration starts Oct. 14

RBdigital merges with OverDrive 10/14

Several months ago, RBdigital was acquired by OverDrive. On October 14th, our RBdigital audiobooks will be moved to OverDrive. After the transfer, RBdigital audiobooks will be available in Plum Creek’s OverDrive collection, accessible through the OverDrive app, the Libby app, and https://plumcreeklibrary.overdrive.com/.

If you currently use RBdigital:

  • Any audiobook you have checked out will stay checked out to you until the 3 week check-out period is up.
  • Your holds, lists, and check-out history will not transfer. You can download a spreadsheet document of your holds, lists, and check-out history by going to My Account > Profiles and clicking on Export My Transaction History. We recommend doing this as soon as possible, as RBdigital will only continue to be accessible for a limited time.
  • Your log-in information will also not transfer. The way you log in to OverDrive or Libby will be different from how you logged in to RBdigital.

For more information about how the transfer will work and how to recreate your lists in OverDrive, check out this help file: https://www.overdrive.com/RBdigital-transition-preview

For a limited time,