Log Past Reading on Beanstack

Out of town for the weekend? Taking a break from the internet in your free time? No worries. You can log all the reading you did after the fact. It’s easiest to log multiple days of reading on the Beanstack website. If you’d prefer to use the app, scroll down.

To log past reading on the Beanstack website:

First, make sure you’re logged in to your Beanstack account at marshalllyonlibrary.beanstack.org.

Then, click on Log Reading and Activities at the top of the page.

In the dropdown menu, you can choose the reader for whom you want to log reading. You can also choose “All readers.” If you want to log for some, but not all of the readers listed, you can do that through the app. On the app, however, you can only log one day of reading at a time.

Once you’ve chosen your reader, click the Days button.

Using the calendar, click on the days you know you read. Once you’ve clicked on a date, you’ll see a little black dot by it. Green dots show that you’ve already logged reading on those days. Click the Log button to log the reading, and you’re all set!

To log past reading on the Beanstack app:

The beanstack app and tap on the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the book icon to log reading.

Tap the circle next to each reader for whom you want to log reading, then tap Choose Readers.

Pick the way you want to find the book you read. Alternatively, you can just tap Log a Day, Minutes or Pages Only to log without listing a book. If don’t want to list a book, choose the day you read and tap Finish the next screen to log a day of reading. You don’t need to list minutes or number of pages read.

Once you’ve found a book, tap Log Past Reading to log reading that you’ve already done. Start Reading Session is designed time how long you read and will start a timer.

To change the date you read, tap the date and scroll through the calendar. Tap OK and Next.  On the following screens, you do not need to list how many minutes you read or what pages you read. Marking the book finished is also optional. Tap Finish to finish logging your reading.