Upcoming Releases

June 2020 – The titles on this list have been pre-ordered by the Marshall-Lyon County Library. You can put any of these titles on hold now, and we’ll hold your place in line until they’re available.

Coming in June 2020

  • Barry, Jessica. Don’t turn around
  • Brooks, Terry. Last druid
  • Connolly, John. Dirty south
  • Doiron, Paul. One last lie
  • Griffiths, Elly. Lantern men
  • Hilderbrand, Elin. 28 summers
  • Jackson, Lisa. You betrayed me
  • Johansen, Iris. Persuasion
  • Jonasson, Ragnar. Mist
  • Kay, Elizabeth. Seven lies
  • King, Laurie. Riviera gold
  • North, Alex. Whisper man
  • Oates, Joyce Carol. Night sleep death the stars
  • Patterson, James. Hush
  • Patterson, James. Summer house
  • Peterson, Tracie. Way of love
  • Phillips, Susan. Dance away with me
  • Robards, Karen. Black swan of Paris
  • Steel, Danielle. Daddy’s girls
  • Thor, Brad. Near dark
  • Woods, Stuart. Bombshell

Coming in July 2020

  • Castillo, Linda. Outsider
  • Alexander, Tamera. Colors of truth
  • Buckhanon, Kalisha. Speaking of summer
  • Raney, Karen. All the water in the world
  • Patterson, James. Cajun justice
  • Abbott, Jeff. Never ask me
  • Butcher, Jim. Peace talks
  • Silva, Daniel. (untitled)
  • Macomber, Debbie. Walk along the beach
  • Welsh, Kaite. Unquiet heart
  • Kellerman, Jonathan. Half moon bay
  • Patterson, James. 1st case
  • Slaughter, Karin. Silent wife

Coming in August 2020

  • Balogh, Mary. Someone to romance
  • Billingham, Mark. Their little secret
  • Brunstetter, Wanda. Mockingbird’s song
  • Bowen, Rhys. Last Mrs. Summers
  • Cussler, Clive. The saboteurs
  • Eason, Lynette. Acceptable risk
  • Hart, Ellen. In a midnight wood
  • Jance, J.A. Missing and endangered
  • Patterson, James. Midwife murders
  • Steel, Danielle. Royal
  • Woods, Stuart. Choppy water

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