Lighting Upgrades to the Marshall Library

Recently, you may have noticed certain corners of the Marshall-Lyon County Library getting a little bit brighter throughout the month of January. There’s a reason for this, and as you’ll see below, it’s an exciting one! 

In 2019, the Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERT) awarded the Marshall-Lyon County Library a $2,500 grant, for the purpose of updating the existing structure’s light fixtures. This might not seem so exciting at first glance, but it’s a big deal for us as a public facility! Michele Leininger, director of the Marshall-Lyon County Library, explains it best:

“One of our priorities is to practice strong stewardship of public funds. This includes not only how those funds are spent, but also how those funds might be best spent. When the electricity costs back in 2016 were estimated to exceed $50,000 for the year, we knew it was time to make some changes for sake of efficiency. A significant step in that process has involved replacing fluorescent bulbs in the library building with LED lamps and appropriate fixtures. We were able to do so with $2,500 in CERT Seed Grant funds. The money saved in electric expenses can help us to better expand the library’s collections, resources, and the programs we offer to our community.”

On the topic of energy efficiency, quite a lot of buzz has come from talk of LED upgrades for most modern light fixtures, from public spaces like our library, to restaurants, to places of worship, to our very own homes.  

As the Marshall-Lyon County Library uses this grant money to upgrade our facility, we’re going to provide a detailed progress report. You’ll be able to see the work and reward from our upgraded light fixtures and will also receive some helpful information about the efficiency of the LED lights we’ll be installing.  

As mentioned above, LED upgrades aren’t only helpful in decreasing energy costs in public spaces – they’re upgrades you can make in your own home. And those upgrades may be far easier to implement than you think! 

Check out how much brighter our Teen study corner is, following the upgrades!

And here, you can see our LEDs being installed in our Children’s Library… 

And more upgrades will be on the way, throughout 2020. 

The Marshall-Lyon County library will also be hosting one or more programs in 2020 aimed at helping our patrons to utilize some of these upgrades in their own spaces, with hands-on presenters available to answer questions and explain processes! 

Meanwhile, check out the Clean Energy Resource Teams initiative to see how they’re helping Minnesota to reduce costs and increase efficiency for numerous groups across the state.