Winter Reading Challenge 2020 Begins

The Marshall-Lyon County Winter Reading Challenge for 2020 has begun, hot on the heels (cold on the heels?) of the New Year! 

Stop by any of our libraries in Marshall, Cottonwood, or Balaton to sign up and receive more information! The Winter Reading Program is open to anyone ages 16+ and runs from the beginning of January to the end of March. 

As before, we have several different ways for our patrons to complete the challenge. Choose reading materials from across several different categories and numerous genres – a great opportunity to discover new interests and broaden horizons! Each month will feature a different set of reading criteria, so be sure to check in!  

Interested in what January has in store for the Winter Reading Challenge? Listed below are the month’s categories, as well as a few reading recommendations in each to get you started! 

A book featuring Southwest Minnesota history or locations or written by a Southwest Minnesota author. Examples include

  • In the Lake of the Woods, by Tim O’Brien (Adult Fiction, O’BRIEN)
  • Sundown at Sunrise, by Marty Seifert (Adult Fiction, SEIFERT)
  • The Marsco Dissident, by James A. Zarzana (Adult Fiction, ZARZANA)

A work of fiction or nonfiction by two authors. Examples include

  • Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett (Young Adult Fiction, PRATCHETT)
  • The Book of Spam: A Most Glorious and Definitive Compendium of the World’s Favorite Canned Meat, by Dan Armstrong and Dustin Black (Adult Nonfiction, 641.36 ARM)

A book by an author who shares your last name initial. (Have extra fun with this choice!) 

A “do-it-yourself” book! Be your own teacher in any number of subjects. Examples include

  • The Universe: Everything You Need to Know About the Cosmos But Never Learned, by Kenneth C. Davis (Adult Nonfiction, 523.1 DAV)
  • Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on a ¼ Acre, by Brett L. Markham (Adult Nonfiction, 635.048 MAR)
  • Check out the DIY University section of the Marshall-Lyon County Library!

“I have a dream…” Read a book about a dream, place, or ideal. Examples include

  •  Martin Luther King Jr: A King Family Tribute, edited by Angella Farris Watkins (Young Adult Nonfiction, 323.092 WAT)
  • The Complete Dream Book: Discover What Your Dreams Tell About You and Your Life, by Gillian Holloway (Adult Nonfiction, 154.63 HOL)
  • The Woman’s Hour: The Great Fight to Get the Right to Vote, by Elaine F. Weiss (Adult Nonfiction, 973.913 WEI)

Read a book set in a place where it snows… besides Minnesota, of course! Examples include…

  • The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson (Adult Fiction, LARSSON)
  • In Cod We Trust: Living the Norwegian Dream, by Eric Dregni (Adult Nonfiction, 914.81 DRE) 

Of course, our examples are only there to get you started – feel free to explore our entire collection in search of reading that piques your interest!  

The Winter Reading Challenge also allows you to read any ten titles of your choosing, if you’re having trouble with the above criteria. Simply pick up one of our reading logs in Marshall, Balaton, or Cottonwood, and fill in the ten titles you’ve chosen to read for January. As long as it’s not a title from our juvenile collection, it’s fair game! 

And while you’re at it, why not check out the Marshall-Lyon County Library’s Goodreads 2020 Reading Challenge? What you begin in the New Year can carry through the rest of 2020. Use the provided link to find out how to sign up. After all, our personal reading lists are only ever going to continue growing!