An antique wooden chest, open, sitting in a dark room with a spotlight on it.

Antique Appraisal Applause!

Over 70 people enjoyed hearing about a wide variety of treasures appraised by Mark Moran, including a stunning orange and yellow glass vase from France, a vintage children’s stamping set, and a 19th century flute in a handmade wooden case. He cautioned the owner of a beautiful Tiffany clock to have the mercury removed from the pendulum, and discussed the way a poisoner’s ring worked. After viewing a collection of old postcards, we learned that those that are holiday-themed, especially Halloween versions, are very collectible, and that Santas wearing anything but red are also highly prized.

Mr. Moran mentioned a couple of websites to help explore antiques and get an idea of their value, noting that the market changes rapidly.

General antiques:

For old/collectible books:

For fine art (paintings, sculpture), subscription(paid) website:

Thanks to everyone who shared their precious items!