October 16-21: Fine Amnesty Week & Food for Fines. Bring back your books & have your fines forgiven. Bring in a food shelf item & get $1 off an old fine.

Fine Amnesty & Food for Fines

Haven’t used the library in a while because of fines or some really overdue materials? We want to help! The Marshall-Lyon County Library and Tracy Public Library are celebrating 2017 National Food Bank Week with a Food for Fines and Fine Amnesty program. They both run Monday, October 16th, through Saturday, October 21st.

Fine Amnesty

Anything you checked out from the Marshall, Tracy, Balaton, or Cottonwood libraries can be returned to one of those libraries, fine free! You can even leave them in the drop box in the dead of night; we won’t judge. We’ll take care of any fines or processing fees that you might have accrued while the book/dvd/cd/etc was checked out.

Note: the book/dvd/cd/etc has to be in a usable condition–not too damaged and not missing any parts.

Food for Fines

Have overdue fines from stuff you already returned? Bring in a non-perishable, non-expired food item to the Marshall, Tracy, Balaton, or Cottonwood library to get $1 off of your existing fine! Each item you bring = $1 off your fines. (You can’t bring in extra items for a credit, though.) The food we receive will go to the United Community Action Food Shelf in Marshall and Tracy.

Note: any fee for a lost or damaged book can’t be paid this way. This is for overdue fines only. It’s also only applicable to things checked out from Marshall, Tracy, Balaton, or Cottonwood; we don’t have authority to waive fines from anywhere else.

If you have any questions, contact Director Michele Leininger of the Marshall library (507-337-6183/michele.leininger@marshalllyonlibrary.org) or Director Valerie Quist of the Tracy library (507-629-5548/vquist@plumcreeklibrary.net).