Staring June 27th, OneClick digital will become RBdigital.

OneClickdigital to become RBdigital

RBdigital logo. RBdigital was formerly OneClickDigitalStarting on June 27th, OneClick digital will be renamed RBdigital. This is part of a large upgrade of RBmedia’s digital services and rebranding. After June 27th, you’ll need to search for RBdigital rather than OneClickdigital to access that digital audiobook service.

How does this work?

Late in the day on Monday, June 26th, OneClickdigital will go offline for updates. When it comes back up on Tuesday, June 27th, it will have been updated to a new version. That version will no longer be called OneClickdigital. Instead, it will be called RBdigital. The biggest update is to the downloadable app. It should be a lot easier to use after the update. Be sure to search for RBdigital in your app store to download the app.

What if I already have the OneClickdigital app on my tablet/phone/mp3 player?

If you already have downloaded the OneClick digital app, you’ll just need to update the app. When you do, the name will change to RBdigital, the app icon will change, and the interface will look a little different. If you don’t update, old OneClickdigital app will work for a while, but you’ll be reminded to update the app to the new version.

Your checkouts, wishlists, holds, and history will transfer to the new version of the app. You will need to redownload any audiobooks you had checked out, however.

What if I browse OneClickdigital on my computer?

The url to access OneClickdigital will change to We’ll be updating the link on our website, and you should update your bookmarks on your computer. You’ll still be able to access the site through the old website for a while, though. Both websites will look a little different after the update.

Will my username or password change?

Not to worry! You’ll still use the same username and password to log into RBdigital as you used to log into OneClickdigital.

Questions? Contact your library for more information.